Summer School of Music and Media 2013


Dates: 5 - 20 April 2013

Time: 9.00-4.00

Organized by 

Resonance School of Music in association with Mediact



Morning Sessions:


Instrumental and Vocal Music Sessions

Time: 9.00-1.00


• There will be four choices among musical instruments. They are Keyboard, Guitar, Violin and Recorder. The participants can choose one among the four instruments.

• All participants will get opportunity to learn the basics of solo/ choral singing belonging to the Western Music and to learn the basics of Karnatic Music.

• There will be special sessions with music maestros addressing the participants. 


Afternoon Sessions:


Digital Video production

Time: 2.00-4.00


Digital video is more than a new toy for children. It helps them to become creative in exciting and challenging ways. Through equipping them with the basic tools such as script, story board, audio visual language, basics of camera and editing techniques, children will be able to conceive and produce a short digital video of ten minutes duration on contemporary themes relevant to their life. 


Expected outcome of the Summer School 


The summer school will showcase choral singing, instrumental ensemble and digital video film during the valedictory sessions to be held on 20th April 2013. Certificates will be given to all participants who complete their respective courses.                                              


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