Summer School II

Report of the Summer School of Music

April 26 to May 14
Fort U P School (Sathram School), Manacaud

The Summer School of Music was held during 26 April – 14 May 2010 at Government Fort U P School (Sathram School. The objective of the Summer school was to equip school going children between the ages of 10 – 16 to learn to read music notation, play a musical instrument (guitar, keyboard or violin), learn to sing Carnatic and Western vocals, create a Newspaper, a Radio Production and to perform Theatre.
The following are the participants of the Summer School of Music.
1 Himaja H J
2 Samyuktha U P
3 Karthika VK
4 Nithish Kumar V
5 Anishma A K
6 Aneesha AS
7 Sanaja SV
8 Muthulatha
9 Haleem S
10 Akhila S A
11 Surabhi SA
12 P Sreenidhi Nair
13 Sreedevi S Nair
14 Anumol AK
15 Vipin
16 Feba Das GS
17 Kavya
18 Adithyan SK
19 Arun Kumar S
20 Harishma VK
21 Vinil Kumar K
22 Akhil Babu
23 Akhila Babu
24 Vishakh VN
25 Vivek VN
26 Sangeeth Sailas S
27 Vinay Mohan
28 Harishankar G
29 Muhammad Lareef

Summer School at a glance

The morning schedule of the Summer School of Music was equally divided for instrumental music and vocal music. The instruments consisted of guitar, keyboard and violin and the vocals included Carnatic and Western vocals held on alternative days. The afternoon sessions were utilized for theatre, painting, newspaper and radio production.

Keyboard was taught by Joseph P John. He introduced the basics of western music notation and showed the participants how to play the keyboard by following the notation through simple exercises. The participants were taught how to follow the beat. He taught us 16 lessons. The Keyboard group consisted of 8 students.
Guitar was taught by Sushi. He also began with the introduction to music notation followed by showing the notes on each string and play them. He taught the participants the finger positions and the use of striker, the coordination of the beating of the striker and the fingering. He taught eight lessons. There were 8 children in the class.
Violin was taught by Alexander Baby. He taught the basics of music notation and proceeded with the technique of holding the violin and bow, placement of fingers and the coordination of the fingering and bowing. The group consisted of 11 students. Since he was hospitalized and was absent during the last week, the participants did not get enough opportunity to equip ourselves to perform violin.
Carnatic Music was taught to us by Anil Balakrishnan. His sessions included the Jhandavarisagal, Saralavarisagal and Geethangal. He taught two geethams, a film song and a folk song. He taught the Raga Mayamalawagowla and adithala in Carnatic music. He also shared about the masters of Carnatic Music and the origin of Indian vocal and instrumental music.
Western music was taught by Santhosh George and Joseph P John. They taught the participants about music notation in terms of pitch and time. At first the participants found it difficult, but later they picked up genuine interest in learning English songs. They taught three songs including ‘How Many Roads’ by American singer Bob Dylan, ‘I Have a Dream’ by Swedish group ABBA and ‘The World is Full of Barriers’ which talks of the various disparities in the society.
The introductory sessions on Newspaper were taken by C Gouridasan Nair and Santhosh George. The structure of the newspaper including the positions of the lead news, display advertisements, cartoons etc. were discussed. They also highlighted the requirements for establishing a good Newspaper including the newsprint, news, printing press, computer, journalists, money and freedom to establish and run a Newspaper, . The participants were divided into three groups and they were assigned to make their own newspaper. They were also given guidelines to write news report and create cartoons, editorial and advertisements. All the three groups made their own newspapers.
The Radio Production was done under the guidance of Santhosh George. He made the participants listen to a community radio programme on the ill effects of plastics and familiarised them with the radio feature. Then they were divided into three groups and they were told to choose a topic for the radio production. The topic chosen was ‘Children enslaved to Drugs’. Each group made their own story and characters. They prepared their drama script also. Finally they recorded the radio dramas using the laptop and microphone.
The Theatre sessions were taken by Mr. Shaji. He introduced about the origins of drama, the importance of writer, actor, director and audience. He emphasized that whenever acting is being done one need to be focused and alert. He introduced theatre games to improve the concentration and alertness. He gave the participants a few items such as dustbin, duster, chalk piece, rode and told them us to use them as in our daily life and then in a different way to create drama. The participants acted a few situations based on their own ideas. They also learned how to use the body movements and sound in dramas. He then enabled them to improvise three plays and perform them.
The Painting sessions were taken by Mrs. Priya, lecturer, Sanskrit college. She gave the participants the topic ‘my village’ First they made the sketches using pencils and then they started painting them using Oil Pastels. Mrs.Priya helped them to develop their ideas into pictures and also to give colours to them. She helped them to explore the world of lines and colours.
Valedictory session
The valedictory session was held on 14th May 2010 at 3 pm. Sri C Gouridasan Nair, Assistant Editor, The Hindu, Smt. Nalini Nayak, Chairperson, SEWA, Smt. Pushkala Kumari S, Head Mistress, Sathram School and Mr. MP Mohanan, Former AEO attended the function as special invitees. Around thirty parents also attended the function. Vaisakh VN formally welcomed the audience. Smt Pushkala Kumari presided over the valedictory function. Participants briefed the audience about the progrmmes in the following manner. Sreedevi S Nair (Malayalam songs), Aneesha AS (English songs), P Sreenidhi Nair (Keyboard), Samyuktha UP (Violin), Vinay Mohan (Guitar), Sangeeth Sailas (Newspaper), Anumol AK (Radio), Arun Kumar S (Painting) and Akhila AS (Theatre). Sri. Gouridasan Nair praised the organisors and the participants for being able to put up such a captivating performance within the short duration of three weeks. He assured that efforts will be taken to help Resonance School of Music to start follow up programme for the participants in the Sathram School itself. He also gave away the certificates to the participants.

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