Our Long Term Objectives:

  • To inculcate a music culture that will promote plurality, dialogue and community build

  • To nurture people in various Eastern and Western music traditions and equip them to make creative contributions in society.

  • To nurture folk and ethnic music traditions

  • To promote awareness of the therapeutic power of music

  • To develop tools and expertise to facilitate academic learning through music

  • To develop a library of sound recordings and books on music to nurture studies and research in music.

  • To promote research, training, production and documentation of various art forms such as Music, Dance, Theatre Television, Film and Multimedia.

  • To create and promote music that is life affirming, community building and empowering marginalised people.

  • To carry out research on the ethical implications of music in various secular and faith traditions.

  • Our Short Term Objectives:

  • To conduct regular music courses both vocal and instrumental.

  • To organise regular music appreciation and demonstration programmes.

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to have their voices recorded through in-house audio productions.

  • To produce publications, both sound recordings and books that will promote the learning and appreciation of music.

  • To organise cultural events that will showcase the achievements and expertise of the school, both pupils and faculty.

  • To provide scholarships for economically and socially unprivileged pupils who are talented to learn music.

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