Innaguration of Resonance School of Music

The inauguration of the Resonance School of Music was held on 10th July 2010 at the school premises. The function began by paying tributes to the departed music director Sri. MG Radhakrishnan. The opening prayer was offered by Rev Jolly Thomas, Vicar, Trinity Marthoma Church, Trivandrum evoking God’s blessings to the new beginning of the school. Sri. Santhosh George, Director welcomed the dignitaries and the guests. He told that rooted in the vision, ‘Music towards total wellbeing’, Resonance School of Music will strive to integrate various aspects of music including music learning, performance, appreciation, music technology, archiving and research. He shared that the school will strive to provide a space to combine music learning, performance and appreciation in one platform. Dr. CS  Venkiteswaran, President, Centre for Advancement of Art and Culture (CAAC) (which runs the school) in his presidential address pointed out that the school will strive to provide the foundations of various music traditions and enable people to develop an ear to appreciate and to learn diverse music traditions. He pointed out that the dearth of basic understanding is hampering the quality of musicians and music compositions today.

Sri. G Venugopal, renowned playback singer inaugurated the school by lighting the lamp. In his inaugural address, he opined that music learning is a long term commitment and that music can be mastered only through rigorous practice and unflinching motivation. He shared his experiences in venturing out to learn western classical music. He pointed out that the leading lights in various music traditions have departed from the scene and that the music scene has turned into an outright commercial activity. He opined that it is our mission to orient new generations with solid foundation in music and enable them to develop devotion towards music

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